Final Edit – Pt. 40

After our teacher looked at our final edit we decided that there were a few tweaks and additions that needed to be made in order to reach our full potential.

Firstly we added a real world ident at the start (we chose Universal) as well as the title of our film ‘Endless Hours’.

We sorted out a lot of the sound by choosing another track at the end of the clip rather than cutting it completely, choosing another sound effect for the foley punching, lowing the volume of the music during the flashbacks and finally adding in the actual sound of me shouting in the basement scene at the end.

Here is our final edit:



Evaluation – Pt. 6

Filming – We used a standard HD, hand held, camera to film our movie. This was usually accompanied by a tripod for the majority of the scenes we filmed, although there are certain points where we shot it from hand.

Editing – We used two programs to edit our film opening, the first was ‘Adobe Premier Pro’ and the second was another Adobe software, ‘After Effects’. Premier Pro was used to cut the clips together in order and create the edits between the scenes (e.g. the fade to black between the final two scenes). After Effects was used to add in all of the titles and the ‘flashback’ effect during the two murders. After the movie was assembled in order and all of the effects were added we had to render the whole movie into one, this took time and we soon learned to make all of the minor adjustments before the need to render as it took so long.

Computer – We used Ben’s laptop to do all of the editing. Looking back at this decision we should have probably used a different laptop. Ben had the best editing software but his laptop was very slow so it made it very tedious when making changes to the edits.

Websites and Programs – During the coursework process I have had to learn how to use such websites as; Prezi, Youtube, Facebook and WordPress. Obviously I knew how to use Youtube as a means of watching videos but I wasn’t sure how to upload videos etc. Also for the coursework I used Powerpoint.


Evaluation – Pt. 5

This is our final edit:

As you can see we had to post it on Vimeo as opposed to youtube. This is because having the Universal ident in the movie flagged it and it was taken down. As a way of getting the movie on a streaming site we needed to post it to vimeo instead.

Although we weren’t able to put the movie on youtube we were still able to tag it, these are the tags we used in order to get the movie out to a wider audience:

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 19.32.47

Evaluation – Pt. 4

Our target audience is still the same as we said during the planning stages of making our movie. Using UK Tribes we have decided that a more ‘arty’ type would be our perfect audience member. The mainstream audiences these days are not into film noir and would not pay to see it in the cinema or on television (unless it got really big).

We are focusing in on the ‘Hipsters’, these type of people go against the mainstream and watch, listen to, and surround themselves with quirky, old school, not mainstream things.

There are two types of hipsters: the smart, business type and the casual, ‘I put no effort into how I look’ type. Both of these like the same music, watch the same movies and enjoy the same activities. I couldn’t decide which one of these I wanted to name my ‘perfect audience member’. I ended up going with the smarter hipster, only because the actors in our movie are dressed smartly so it almost mirrors what they would wear.

The way we would attract our target audience would be by putting our movie on in small, non-mainstream locations. Hipsters tend to hang out in the ‘less cool’ places in town and to them it is the coolest part. They would rather not conform to going to big,popular placesScreen Shot 2016-03-01 at 13.11.49